Business Insurance

Protect your Business with flexible Business Insurance that emulates unique features of your business. Understanding Business Insurance is not terribly difficult, very similar to your everyday operations. There are a range of coverage options accessible to guard every aspect of your business from natural disasters to employee injury. Some insurance requires business associates like landlords and lenders and some insurance is mandatory by law. Getting the right insurance for your business can help you evade coverage gaps when you need it at most.

We are here to help our business customers, and we love our job. We understand that your business is your life breath, obviously you want to protect your business, and we are here to help you guard your business, because you business is not just important to you but also it is important to us. As your business is growing, you may face complex challenges every single day. It is important for you to make sure that your business is effectively protected every single day with our financial and business products. Our business insurance products include:

  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance

St George Business InsuranceBusiness insurance is one of the best products that we offer, and we offer insurance packages, which are modified for various types of businesses. Whether you are looking for insurance package for your business property, building, equipment, company vehicles, or inventory, we provide services and products to safeguard your business. And also, we offer retirement and group health plans.

St George Business Insurance – Property Insurance

The Business Property Insurance covers the damages of property loss in a series of commercial surroundings including equipment loss, commercial buildings, furniture, inventories, fixtures, supplies, business records, and other important substantial items. This Property Insurance can cover two kinds of property losses:

  1. The Property Insurance covers direct losses like damages, or property destroyed or stolen.
  2. In Second type of property coverage includes if there is any indirect or substantial losses associated to direct losses can be covered.

St George Commercial General Liability Insurance – Business Insurance

CGL (Commercial General Liability) Insurance is a standard insurance policy subjected to business organizations to protect their business against liability claims include:

  • Property damage occurred out of premises
  • Bodily Injury
  • FDL (Fire Damage Liability)
  • Advertising and Personal Injury
  • Products operation and Completed operations.

You can also consider a BOP (Business Owners Package) that contains your property, liability, and other types of coverage plans into one all-inclusive policy that can help you save money and your valuable time with your insurance program. To avoid lawsuits you can add CUP (Commercial Umbrella Policy) as an extra-liability protection. You can visit our insurance webpage to learn more about various business insurances and policies.

St George Business Auto Insurance – Business Insurance

Business Auto Insurance (BAI) coverage policy covers insurance for vehicles that are leased, rented or hired by businesses, owned whether they are businesses, relations, individual proprietorships or partnerships. Whether you use a fleet of pickups, own car, box trucks business auto insurance coverage can protect you from any kind of damage. We offer the protection for small businesses, which includes liability, comprehensive, medical/injury, and collision coverage, etc, to help you move forward in your business. With our business auto insurance coverage you can insure private passenger auto, all types of trailers, trucks, commercial vehicles and semi trailers that runs on public roads. Consult our specialists to guide you with right kind of business insurance.


St George Workers Compensation – Business Insurance

Workers Compensation coverage policy covers bodily injury and medical expenses for occupational hazards. In terms of bodily injury, it comprises if a death occurs from the accident, and the medical expenses are provided only for occupational hazards occurred at the work environment. Workers Compensation offers 4 types of benefits:

  • Income Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Death Benefits

Our representative can help you with complete information on Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage policy and suggests affordable way to mange expenses through SECS (Safety Engineering and Claim Services).

Conclusion: Our Business Insurance Coverage policies are designed to protect you and help you protect your business, and we are here to support you to move forward with your business even in difficult times. Choose our business insurance coverage plans and protect your business.